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Lemme in

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Question Of The Day
Are Arsenal Kids the 'new' Arsenal?
Brian Tansey

Poking Fun At Kids
No need for the usual supply of tissues and Vaseline in the press box the ? Taken away from the comfort blanket of The Emirates Playpen and 'the greatest bunch of youngsters EVER' are basically outplayed, outfought and dumped by a bunch of journeymen Championship pros, says it all. Money to be made sub-letting the trophy room though.
Andy Southport

The Countdown Begins
Only around 300 days until we are told how amazing Arsenal's kids are again.

Looking forward to it already.
Humphrey (Shame we can't do them 5-1 again) Freedman

Maybe Burnley Are The New Brazil 1970 Side
After the Arsenal Kids v Wigan game I wrote in to say who the Arsenal Kids were the expensive product of plundering everybody else's youth systems, were playing unmotivated teams early in the competition, they would get knocked out when someone got so far as to take it seriously, and were nothing to get excited about.

I got absolutely slated for even suggesting the Arsenal Kids weren't the true sole heirs of the 1970 Brazil Team with their do anything, play anywhere, entertain everyone samba style.

I also got loads of stick from Arsenal fans because my team, Sheff U were crap. To be honest Sheff U are crap, but if I wanted to gloryhunt a big team who won all the time then I could, thats what most Arsenal supporters do anyway, all the way from Chester, to Carlisle, to Miami, and to Bangkok.

But if I was to gloryhunt a big team it wouldnt be Arsenal, because ANY Arsenal side with all their piles and piles of dirty Champions League money getting beat 2-0 to Burnley is an utter and complete humiliation.

By the way Burnley were absolutely magnificent, I might gloryhunt them.
Mark 'Really A True Worksopian' Greaves, Lufbra

Well Done Burnley
Let me be the first to congratulate Burnley, for a...