Les Miserables - Plot

Les Miserables - Plot

Les Miserables
by Victor-Marie Hugo


Jean Valjean - the main character in the story who was an ex- convict.
Bishop Myriel - the one who touches Valjean’s life and gives him chance to change.
Fontine - a prostitute from the town and one of Valjean’s worker in the factory.
Cosettte - Fontine's daughter and was adopted by Valjean
Marius - Cosette's love interest.
Javert - the villain in the novel who is a police officer who became obsesses in arresting Jean Valjean.


Jean Valjean was first put into jail after stealing a loaf of bread.

After he paid for his mistakes, he was freed to go and a Bishop let him stay in the monastery for the night.
Jean Valjean left the Bishop's place with candlesticks. When the corporal inspected his things, he was accused that he stole the things he has with him.

The corporal brings Valjean to the Bishop and asks some questions, but the Bishop told them that they gave the candlesticks to Valjean.

Because of what the Bishop did, Jean Valjean got his liberty. And before he left, the Bishop told him that he is no longer belong to evil, but to good. He added that he must be a new and honest man.

Many had happened, and that statement of the Bishop remained in Jean Valljean’s mind.

Jean Valjean is now a town mayor with a new life under the name of M. Madeleine. Everything is flowing smoothly until a villain came who is Javert, the police officer who is desperate in sending Jean Valjean into jail again.

Javert revognized M. Madelaine and Jean Valjean to be the same and the problem now started.

Another man was arrested for theft and accused to be Jean Valjean. And in the end he gave himself up to save the other man and is returned to the alleys.

After several years, Valjean escapes. He seeks out at Cosette, the daughter of Fontine, one of his employees who became prostitute to support Cosette and herself. Valjean adopts Cosette as his daughter.

They flew in Paris, where Valjean...

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