Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned

A little girl playing with her Barbies is nothing to the untrained eye, but for me it was future planning. Barbie married Ken; Ken loved her so much. Barbie had babies and she loved them even more. A pink Corevette and a couple of houses in Malibu later the love was still there, even though Barbie had lost her beautiful golden hair in a freak scissor accident and mysteriously Ken lost all his clothes to the monster at the bottom of the toy box.

The kids got older but Barbie was always the same. I will admit that I played with Barbie for quiet some time, with my sister of course. Now that I have gotten some years behind me I look back on Barbie and wonder, how long till Ken pulls up in his pink Corvette and sweeps me off to my Malibu mansion.

Lesson well learned and set up for failure I have a bad taste in my mouth for the blue eyed tramp.

Barbie never worked, unless she was going to be a flight attendent on the plane she owns, but she lives in a mansion? Ken was a workin' man, but I think he just worked on makin' his chiseled chest a little more manly.

CALLING ALL GIRLS: No man will ever look like Ken and will never be as chivalrous. But a manican with manners can't be all a girl wants, or Barbie for that matter.

Guess when you can't run into Wal-Mart and pick up Baby Tina, babysitter included, the whole idea of motherhood changes. It's no longer enough to decide that your ready to be a mommy.

Barbie held a childhood full of dreams, hours spent pretending to fight with your husband and then he sees your point apologizes and you spend the rest of the night being disgustingly lovey-dovey towards eachother.

Apparently, no one ever told Barbie about the couch and how lonely the nights are when that's where Ken decides to lay his head. Or the fights that are so bad your only option is to go to bed and wake up the next morning like nothing happened. If only Barbie had experienced my humble beginnings and then moved on up to the corvette, though her...

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