Lesson on "The Fanatic"

Lesson on "The Fanatic"

Parvez. A Punjabi taxi driver that lives in London.

He doesn’t understand, why his son suddenly is such a believing Muslim. Why would his son throw away all of his belongings? Why would he give up his expensive education, when he used to love the school and get straight A’s? He also gave up his friends, and broke up with his English girlfriend. All of this because of his new belief. On top of that he condemns his father for drinking alcohol, eating pork and for letting a woman, who’s not his wife, touch him. That’s why he sees his son as a fanatic.

Bettina is the character in the text, who Parvez’ confines to. She is also included in the text to let us know, that Parvez doesn’t have a healthy relationship with his wife, because then she would be his confidante.

If we saw things through Ali’s eyes, i think that we’d found out, that he is a frustrated boy, who needs some kind of cohesiveness. Certainly he lives in a family, where his parents barely talks, and his father works all night and sleeps in the daytime. I think that he’s mad at society, because his father has to work 7 days a week for a low salary. He blames the western civilization for the bad habits, that his father has taken to heart. Now he has found the cohesiveness, he was seeking at the mosques in the opposite side of town. They have given him something to believe in, and the unity he doesn’t have at home. Ali has learned the strict laws of Islam and because of that, he now sees his father as a bad person, and sets his new “friends” higher than his family.

London is one of the most diverse citys in the world, and almost every race and religion is presented in London today. Almost 40% of the Muslims in England lives in London, which makes the city pretty relevant for the telling of this story.

In Parvez’ eyes life is for living. If you like pork - then eat pork. If you would like to have a drink - have a drink. Parvez loves the western civilization, because it...

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