lesson plan

lesson plan

Lesson Plan
Student’s Name: Frosina Jovanovska
School: High School “Orce Nikolov”
Grade: 2nd year
School mentor’s name: Ivana Lazeska
Date: 16. 04. 2015
Textbook: Opportunities intermediate – Longman 2000
Lesson: 27 Nine To Five, Module 7

Overall lesson aims:
a) Topic aims Broadening students’ knowledge about reports?? Jobs??
b) Vocabulary aims Revising previously learned vocabulary about jobs
c) Grammar aims Presenting new grammar structures (reported statements)
d) Skill aims listening, speaking, reading, writing
e) Communication aims developing interpersonal aims
f) Cultural aims no specific cultural aims

Classroom interaction patterns: whole class teaching, individual work, pair work
Teaching materials: whiteboard, textbook, flashcards
Teaching method(s)/ approaches(es): eclectic approach,
Anticipated problems: passive students, students may have problems in pronunciation of certain words, students may confuse which tense to use when moving from direct to indirect

Stage aim
What teacher does
What learners do
Warmer/lead in
Review of previous learned vocabulary and introduction of the lesson topic
1. T greets ss and introduces herself
1. T tells the ss that they are going to play a short game Who am I? and explains the procedure: T reads sentence by sentence and ss should guess the job. (e.g I am a performer or an acrobat. I walk along a free-swinging bar attached to two ropes. I live with the circus. I perform exercises on a trapeze.
Answer: Trapeze artist)

1. T tell the ss to open their books on page 90 and describe the photos. T asks questions such as: Would you like to do the jobs? Why or why not?
1. SS greet T.
2. SS guess the jobs.
3. SS describe the photos and give their own answers to the questions.
5 min.

Skimming the text about the trapeze artist Teresa Ginsberg.
1. T tells the...

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