Let the Student Ask Question

Let the Student Ask Question

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Name: Xu Liwei
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Date: 12/22/2008


There is a common phenomenon in Chinese education: in primary school the students are study eager with question and the class atmosphere easy, but in junior high school only fraction of students coordinate with teacher, in senior middle school even silence reign the class; students are afraid ask question to teacher in result only teacher speak in class.
Student does not ask question teacher, whose fault is it on earth? What's the cause of this?
The children were born with intense curiosity and craving for knowledge, they are so curious about whole world, they always ask different and interesting questions even make you can not answer with both funny and annoying. But they become formality after entered school and study some booklore, they were used to follow teacher’s steps and wait teacher’s implantation. They learn knowledge with question no more.
Which is the reason for that? It is well-known that we can not solve the problem one after another without ask question. Albert Einstein said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Curiosity, or what Einstein called a child-like sense of wonder, makes us question things that others do not even notice. Children are naturally curious. Unfortunately, as they grow up, they often lose their sense of wonder and stop asking questions. Olny two popular questions remain: “what is the right answer?” “Which is the right answer?” And also have proverbs in China as “no book is better off than eat up book” and “nothing questions, nothing learns” and so on.
Begin a student should learn about the world by question, but what reason causes the students afraid to ask question? I think basically have the following:

1. fear of the teacher
That reason rest with teacher, a majority of teacher believe only strict teacher can produces outstanding students. For this...

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