Letter of Compliant

Letter of Compliant

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Thomas Cook 23 Plum Lane
East Gate Street Gloucester
Gloucester GL1 4LN
GL1 9KL 12.08.08

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to complain about my holiday I recently booked with you.
I previously booked a holiday to Corfu, Greece on the 27th August 2008 and I stayed at Los Fiasco.
In the brochure it said that the hotel was a five star, with room service 24/7 and access to the indoor spa and outdoor pool it also said that the bedrooms were cleaned everyday by the maid up to a very high standard.

This holiday was meant to be a happy family trip for me, my husband, my daughter and my four year old son who has never been on holiday abroad before and was very excited about it. It cost me £765 per person so that would make it a grand total of £3060 just to get to Corfu and not enjoy any aspects of this holiday.

My first main concern was the maid service we arrived at the hotel to find our beds were not made and there were dirty plates left in the sink and there was hair in our shower. The next day while we were at the pool the maid came and cleaned our room and I came back to find our luggage and my holiday money had been tampered with I was absolutely fuming so I cancelled the maid service and said I would clean my own room to stop anyone coming in my room without my supervision.

My other concerns were the room service, spa facilities and Swimming pool. First of all the brochure said that the room service was 24/7 but when we got there it was only available from 7.00am till 8.00pm which was very annoying. Secondly there was meant to be a spa open every day every week we...

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