Letter of Intent for Guardians

Letter of Intent for Guardians


I, _____, custodial parent of __________ (Age ) have made the following arrangements for the care of my dependent family members in the event I am not available to provide the proper care due to absence for military service or emergency which would require me to be away from them for an extended period of time:

1. ______(Maternal Grandmother to children)[temporary guardian] has been given legal authority to care for my children at the current residence where they will remain until my return from deployment. Short-term guardian will be enrolled in DEERS prior to SM deployment.

2. It is my intention, and my agreement with the short-term guardian is, that this transfer in custody of my children is temporary and is caused by my duties as Active Service Member, in the United States Army, that the physical care and custody of the short-term guardian will be effective only during my deployment, and that my children will be returned to my care and custody immediately following my deployment.

2. 1 have established a special account in DD Form 2558, Authorization to Start, Stop or Change an allotment for Active Duty. Including Financial institution/Routing Transit Number and Account Number/Policy Number.
(name and location financial institution)

Primary guardian listed below will make appropriate arrangements to cover the expenses of the temporary guardian as outlined in Last Will and Testament:

Phone# ( )
(name, address and phone number of the person)

Primary guardian has access to account per Executor of Estate powers and will ensure that funds are available.

3. Should it be necessary to contact any of the persons involved in the transportation, support or care for my children, the following information is provided:

Designated local, short-term child care provider:...

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