Letter of Purpose on Using a Computer

Letter of Purpose on Using a Computer

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Dear sir
I writing u this letter to tell you the purpose of me using a computer .Fun, relaxation, money, you can get all that with only one tool? Computers have a very respected place in our world today; new generations are using them for everything: to learn, to communicate, to do research, etc., and old generations have become to accept them as well my life changed since the first moment they came into it. They turn my mind around completely; it was like a perfect match. Since the first time I sat in one, I knew they will become an undeniable part of my life. more uses for them. Three of those uses are: a method of relaxation, a tool to work and very practical and a useful instrument that makes my life easier.

Computer is my best friend .They provide me with entertainment; for example, when I miss an episode of my favorite TV show I could watch it on the internet . I can also find a lot of interesting things by exploring the internet . A lot of things about people can be found this way, from thoughts to fields of interest, I have a friend in Africa . I even found my sister in LONDON and all because I was reading a description of her, were related.

Computers are also a work tool for me; they allow me to develop my skills. They can make my life a lot easier and economical. For example, I used them for communication purposes, through e-mail . Mail to communicate with my family I save a lot of money because I don't need to make long distance calls, and what it makes it even better is that I don't have to pay any extra charges for using this service. This communication technique, also amplified my communication abilities because I can get connected to companies in other states and even in other countries really easily. Another really important point is that computers amplify my possibilities for research. They allow me to find a great deal of information in any field I...

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