Letter of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

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I am a professor in chemical engineering department of XXXand have teaching experience of 14 years. I am pleased to write a recommendation letter for X. He has been known to me from beginning of his 5th semester and I was his professor for the subjects of Chemical Engineering Mathematics, Mass Transfer II, Process Dynamics and Control. I also conducted his laboratory sessions of Mass Transfer II and Process Modelling and Simulation. Most importantly X completed his final year project ‘Hydration of Propylene to Isopropanol’ under my guidance. So I am the best person to write a recommendation letter for him as I have long association with him.
During the course of Chemical Engineering Mathematics and Mass Transfer II and Process Dynamics and Control, he was punctual, attentive and always participated actively in classroom discussions. During course of period I noticed that his basics are clear, fundamentals are strong and possess the ability to analyze a problem from various angles and worked relentlessly towards the solution. \ X was among the top 40% in class of 60 students.
. His interest in practical work and his flair for research was evident in the way he completed his project. The presentation he gave demonstrated his excellent communication skills and has the ability to engage audience in the topic. The project report he submitted was comprehensive and inclusive covering all aspects of project. Designing and chemical processes are the areas in which he is good at.
I strongly recommend to you for masters program in your esteemed university .

Prof. XX
Assistant professor

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