Letter to Mom

Letter to Mom

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Hi Mom,

Last week while I was writing in my journal, telling you about what I was doing in college, I looked up while collecting my thoughts and I noticed the fortune cookie from dinner the night before on my headboard. I decided to eat it as my tears fell down my cheek. When I opened the cookie it said, "you are loved.” I know it was you who made me open it at that moment to make me feel better; I just started to laugh out loud, here all alone in my cozy room; just you and me. I may not see you but I know you are here with me. I can feel you and smell you all the time. Like when I was getting ready for work and my whole room smelt like your sweet and spicy perfume. I knew you were watching over me.

As you know mom, I am taking an English class, and it is a challenge. For my last English assignment I had to go to the theater to watch a movie, and then write a review; it just wasn’t the same for me without you there. Now my current assignment is to write a letter to someone about the book “Walden.” There is no other whom I wish to write, this one is to you mom. I know you will never get this letter physically, but I know you will read every word of it. I hope you are comfy because there is a lot to share.

The book “Walden” by Henry David Thoreau is about Thoreau himself writing about his experiences at and near Walden Pond, a lake about 20 miles west of Boston and 2 miles south of Concord. There, he built a small home (looks kind of like a playhouse) on the northern shore of the pond. In writing Walden, Thoreau hoped to inspire his reader to find their own path in life and not to follow the crowd. Thoreau’s two-year experiment of living at Walden Pond was on one level an effort to determine whether a person really needed the material possessions that were considered essential in mid-nineteenth century America. His book demonstrated that one could attain the good life by living in harmony with nature supplied only with the bare necessities....

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