Letter to Ms Devine

Letter to Ms Devine

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reference to the article by Ms. Devine, “Bringing up children isn’t kids stuff.” Her article has raised different ideas about parenting to me and I think has changed many people’s views towards parenting, but not mine. I would like to say that certain parts of the article were extremely over the top and exaggerated.

First and foremost, I would like to refer to what Ms. Devine calls “Tamagotchi parenting.” Ms. Devine criticizes this type of parenting technique, claiming that parents don’t spend enough time with their kids. She describes it as children who are “regularly fed and watered but without moral guidance.” This style of parenting teaches the child how to be more independent in life and also teaches him or her to take up responsibility. The “leave them alone” theory or “benign neglect” as it is sometimes called, teaches kids to be more responsible. You are supposed to entertain them, grant them attention, and give them “special time” or “quality time.” Thus it is that childcare becomes a burdensome task rather than a pleasure. So why not let the kids take charge of who they want to play with, and who they want to hang out with, instead of the hassle of you and kids spending quality time and them not appreciating it? Also leaving kids alone can help them stimulate their minds and plan their own events and activities. This can help them to obtain great organizational skills.

Ms. Devine also claims that children have an “emotional firewall.” Children these days understand that parents have to work hard and make sacrifices. Parents are appreciative of this and provide their children with any means necessary to stay connected to their peers who are able to console them emotionally. Parents also have to learn that their children are of similar age to their friends and so therefore, their friends would be able to understand them better.

It is also very difficult to believe that...

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