Letters for our soldiers

Letters for our soldiers

Kaitlyn Angelillo
Professor Smith
Public Speaking
Final Speech – Sending care packages to deployed soldiers

Specific Purpose – to persuade my audience to send a care package, donate to an organization, or write a letter to a deployed soldier
Central Idea – Donating to deployed soldiers this holiday season will be rewarding for both you and the soldiers


Attention - How many of you are planning on spending the holidays with friends and family?
Many people get the chance, safe at home, warm with full bellies, but think of all of the men and women who are currently serving overseas. Many won’t be home this year. They won’t get the chance to spend quality time with their loved ones.
Picture – This is a recent picture of my boyfriend’s unit. He is currently deployed and has been for about 2 months. I got all of my pictures off of his unit’s facebook page. He and I have been dating for almost three years, and for about 90% of that, he has been away. While he was in basic training I did research on how I could help other soldiers since I wanted to keep my mind busy. I came across a few websites geared towards sending care packages to soldiers overseas.
Most of the surveys I got back indicated that many of you knew someone who is currently serving or is a veteran but haven’t sent a care package

Body – Main Points

Need – Sometimes soldiers are deployed to a camp or a base where they can purchace the things they need. My soldier is on a camp and they have a little store where they can buy anything from toilet paper to Xbox games.
There are some soldiers who are out on missions or have camps set up in heavy combat areas that don’t have the ability to buy q – tips when they need them. Sometimes they haven’t showered in a while and a few baby wipes will make all the difference. The stress of being in a dangerous situation, far from home and loved ones is always difficult and in some cases letters can brighten some ones...

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