letters to Alice letter onre

letters to Alice letter onre

Letters To Alice
LETTER ONE The City of Invention

“I am a long way from home here; almost in exile” is a hyperbole (Literary Technique) to describe her alienation to the family, both physically and emotionally.
“How can I hope to explain Literature to you with its capital ‘L’?” reveals Fay’s thoughts and emotions , and her value of believing literature is highly significant, just as Austen, as conveyed by the fact that only her protagonists (Elizabeth, Mr Darcy) who read books are portrayed as intelligent and virtuous than those characters who do not read. “You are bright enough… But then, sensibly you turned to television for your window on the world” in a sarcastic, mocking tone, Fay scorns television and implies this has compromised Alice’s intellect.

Weldon continues expressing her thoughts and emotions on TV, telling Alice her “feelings are a thousand times more complex than this tinny televisual representation of reality has ever suggested” Weldon uses a metaphor (literary technique), “Stay out of sea and the coconuts will get you” is an imperative to covey to Alice the importance of reading Pride and Prejudice.
She also uses a metaphor to convey her thoughts and emotions on “temporary” books; thrillers romance etc by saying they open “a little square window on the world and set the puppets parading outside for you to observe.” “They bear little resemblance to human beings… exist for purposes of the plot… they do not suggest … reflect … let alone change… they can never enlighten. And because they can never enlighten, thy are unimportant.” This value that books should have a moral and cause people to improve is resonating the Augustine beliefs Austen’s context.

In a very condescending tone, she uses the metaphor that “Tattered… thrillers and romances are interchangeable” They get used to light the barbecues… there’s a real human demand for living, sex, experience, change. The pages flare up, turn black,...

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