level 2 youth work

level 2 youth work

Why is it important to make contact with young people on their terms?

It is very important to make sure that all young people’s concerns or views are taken with respect and consideration.
As a youth worker, we need to start building trusting relationships with them at first sight.
It is also important to show them that we will be in a safe environment with us so they can express their feelings.
Finally, it is important because young people need to feel comfortable and confident to tell their need to a youth worker. So they will feel treated with respect.

List all the issues you can think of that affect young people





Domestic violence, Family problem

Problem involving police

Financial problem

Racism and discrimination

Image of a young people nowadays


School failure


Area where young people live


a) What is the role of a youth worker?

It is obvious that a youth worker has many roles. He helps young people by providing them support and information. At Urban Adventure Base we are running ,among other, outdoor education, residential activities.
Furthermore as a youth worker we also

Be able to identify young people feelings
Engaging and encouraging people

Inform young people

Improving quality of work by joining to training and course

Enabling young people to develop ideas

Providing emotional support for young people

b) What are the boundaries on the role of the youth worker?

It is important for a youth worker to not be too much close to a young people or to get too much involve emotionally. You cannot be a real friend in a way as it forbidden to keep secret between youth worker and young people. The trusting relationship must stay in the limit of work and not outside of work. Therefore, that is why it is calling professional relationship just contact during work time. Obviously, no money or phone number should be...

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