Індивідуальна робота

Module 1

"Do you want ham for lunch?" = "Do you want lamb for hunch?"
lighting a fire = fighting a liar
you have very bad manners = you have very mad banners
butterfly = flutter by
bye all = eye ball

Automobile – a wheeled passenger vehicle, from Greek αὐτός (autos)"self"andLatin mobilis "moveable"
Claustrophobia - from the Latin claustrum meaning “confined space” and Greek φόβος (phobos) meaning “fear”
Liposuction – from the Greek λίπος (lipos) meaning "fat" and the Latin suctio meaning "sucking"

etymological doublet
shadow, shade and shed (all three from Old English sceadu "shadow, shade")
carton and cartoon (both ultimately the augmentative of Latin carta)
cave and cavern (from Latin cavus', via French and Germanic languages respectively)

Module 2


fish - to fish
stone - to stone

shortening (clipping)
mathematics - maths
spectacles – specs

abbreviation (acronomy)

UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization;
NATO - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization


A babysitter – to babysit
Television – to televise

pictorial occasionalism (nonce word)

old - oldish, young - youngish, man - mannish, girl - girlish, fat - fattish, long - longish, yellow - yellowish.

back - formation

editor - to edit
typewriter - to typewrite

Module 3

restriction (narrowing)

 band - 'a group of persons, especially one which performs music'
 building  - 'something built to enclose and cover a large space'
 doctor  - 'one holding a doctorate degree (PhD) in medicine or other field'

expansion (extension)

red - a person with socialist political/economic beliefs
silverware - table utensils: knives, forks, etc.
holiday - customary day of no work, or in BrE 'vacation'

She is as heavy as an elephant.
My grandmother is as old as the...

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