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The topic is strange fruit. Here are some of the things we will be talking about, what is the meaning of the poem, what the poem is describing, and last

Body 1: What is the meaning of the poem?

The meaning of this poem is that southern life could be very crazy and difficult to deal with. This poem was is based on slavery. How blacks use to get hung and even burnt to the bone sometimes. This poem was written to let people outside of the south basically now what was going on in the south. The south is one of the most humble places to live now. But back in the day people use to want to get out of the south because even though slavery was over the racism never stopped. People use to also spit in blacks faces, which is a sign of disrespect they would try to edge use on, or find a way just some way to beat use or even lock us up that’s the meaning of the poem.

Body 2: What does it mean to me?

The meaning of this poem to me is indeed slavery. Slavery had just ended and blacks were free to go but to where, they couldn’t get a job because of the color of there skin they had no where to live because all they ever had known was slavery they had no family well not that they would remember, because you have to remember that by time slavery had come to a end all the guys and or girls basically were token as a kid so by the time that slavery ended they were grow so they really didn’t remember much about there family’s. so when slavery first ended most of the slaves continued to work for there masters which they now became there boss they would work and they would provide them with food, cloths and a pace to stay.

Body 3: What is the poem describing?

The poem is describing that the hard ache that black and some other races also had to deal with, this is not just a problem in are culture it is also and others to cultures as well. This is one of the main reasons I I’m going to try my best to get my high school diploma because when I walk...