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Question 1: What are similarities and differences between two cases (LG Vs. Posco) in implementing TPS (Toyota Production System) or lean? (You can consider some differences between two companies, such as characteristics of markets, production types, etc.)

Both of them are manufacturing companies and they also introduce TPS for matching the market trend that various in items but small quantity. It is important to make no inventory and supply on time.

1. LG is included in assembly manufacturing industry, but Posco is included in equipment industry.
2. LG manufactures only air conditioner by using this system but Posco does not adjust for specific part but whole production system.
3. LG nearly introduce TPS as it is. Toyota which is in the same industry with LG uses this system in assembly cars so LG can adopt this system without many changes. Posco have to transform this system to adopt it. So they analysis TPS and make their own approach which is most suitable in their industry.

Question 2: TPS (lean system) has been considered as a more proper production system to the industries of having job shop and assembly line manufacturing systems (i.e., automotive industry, appliance industry, and machinery industry) not to the industries of having continuous or heavy equipment systems (i.e., steel making industry). Why do you think Posco wanted to adopt lean though? Do you think the decision of Posco to adopt and implement lean (TPS) in practice was right?

-Since POSCO was privatized in 2000, the company suddenly faced serious competitive pressures. Its positioning as a low-cost provider was challenged as cheaper competitors emerged from other regions such as China. Yet POSCO was determined to remake itself, to shift from a local, low-cost producer to a global, value-added steelmaker. Suppliers was used to lead the market but now the characteristic of steel industry has been changed toward various items but small...

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