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Nguyễn Hoàng Thắng AV08              LESSON PLAN ---- English 06

E. Language focus : Pronunciation two sounds of the letter /b/ and /p/
: practice
I- Teaching Aims: To get students to recognise the pronunciation two sounds of the letter /b/ and /p/
II- Objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to pronounce the sound of the letter /b/ and /p/ correctly.
III- Teaching aids: Paper, board ....
IV- Procedure:  Today, our lesson is practice the pronunciation with two sounds of the letter /b/ and /p/. They are a little bit alike
       A- Require the class hear and write down :
* Teacher speak and write some words on the board. Every student writes in correct columns.
 Now, let's begin - Teacher speak to students :
- Big / Pig : Big
- Bay / Play : Bay
- Ban / Pan : Ban
- Cab / Cap : Cab
- But / Putt : Putt
- Back / Pack : Pack
- Bear / Pear : Pear
- Rabid / Rapid : Rapid
*Teacher: Fix all.
* Teacher continue instructions to students speak the sound /b/ - /p/ correctly.
- Teacher: What is different? First
+ To make the /P/ sound, you blow air out of your mouth.
+ To make the /B/ sound, you don’t blow air out of your mouth.
- Teacher: [ Put the paper before mouth and speak /p/ and /b/ ]
- Teacher: Second. /B/ is voice letter. The voice letter is mean that if you put your hand on your throat. You can feel your throat move. When you say /B/ you put your hand on your throat you can feel it vibration. Now every one try that. Put your hand on your throat and say /B/ - /P/ is not like that.
- Teacher: Speak all words and ask students repeat.

     B- Teacher asks students to write down 2 simple sentences under words on the board in 2 min.
* Student follow teacher' s requirement.
   C- Teacher corrects:
* Teacher ask each students speak their sentences and correct them.
* Students listen to teacher's correction.
Closing: well this is the end of this lesson. I hope is was helpful....

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