Lief - Marketing

Lief - Marketing

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Lief! is known for lifestyle and babywear. Lief! is a Dutch clothing shop specialized for baby and infant clothing and accessories. Lief! has a wide range of products, it is about clothing, furniture, cosmetics and cuddly toys and everything designed in a very colourful way.

The collection of lief! is based on "Dutch design". The trade mark of lief! are the typical Dutch clogs.
In a store of lief! you can create a whole children's room and because of the colourful "Dutch Design" you can combine everything with each other and so it is easy to furnish a nice, colourful, lovely room for children.
In addition to that it is important to mention that lief! assists the Dutch foundation "Orange Babies" which helps pregnant women with HIV in Africa.

1.2 competition

Potential competitors
The competitors on the Irish market are all the retailers that sell baby clothing, there are several main competitors. The bigger department stores are the main competitors they have the largest market share in Ireland. Marks & Spencers, Arnotts, Dunnes etc. are a few of our main competitors
The smaller stores that sell exclusive designer baby clothing or high-end baby clothing are also a threat to lief!

Most of our competitors are potential business partners too, there is a chance that they will have our collection and products in their stores in the near future.

Promotion plans of the potential competitors
The competitors of lief! are active on the Irish market for a long time and have established a name for themselves. Their main focus is on maintaining the customer loyalty and keep them satisfied. They do this with advertisements and marketing. Due to their well established name and reputation they can focus on other things, and not only on marketing and promotion of their products and stores.

Offer of the potential competitors
The main competitors of life! offer baby clothing and baby goods.
Most of the main competitors that have a large market shares...

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