Life as a Cat

Life as a Cat


Cats are furry, small, domesticated mammals, commonly kept as pet. Although some people may dislike felines, it is somehow agreeable to state that cats make cute meows and purrs, devising them as one of the most loved animals since before century ( B.C ) up until today. Ancient Egyptians, worship cats as they believe cats were a sacred animal. In Japan, a special cat figurine, Maneki Neko, is often displayed in restaurants and shops as it is a symbol of good fortune. Although there are no scared species in Islam, cats are honoured by muslims. Is is told that Prophet Muhammad once awoken by the sound of adhan. He was preparing himself for prayers when he realised that his cat, Muezza was sleeping on the sleeve of his robe. Consequently, he cut off the sleeve of his rob with a pair of scissors, leaving the cat undisturbed. All this grand stories of cats has got me thinking, what would it feels like, if I were a cat?

If I were a cat, I would be a Turkish Angora with long, soft, snowy white fur and a light pink collar around my neck with a bell dangling on it. I would have pink paws and glimmering eyes as blue as the Caribbean Ocean. One aspect of a cat’s ability is the super hearing. A cat’s hearing is extremely sensitive and is among the best of any mammal. Besides that, cats have excellent night vision due to their large pupils, making their eyes sensitive towards light. Having these abilities would somehow coequal as having superpowers. It is every child’s dream to be a hero. By being a cat, I can kill two birds with one stone because I can pretend to be Catwoman, full filling my childhood’s cherished desire and also sleep and eat all day, never worrying about homework ever again.

My morning would start with a big yawn, as I stretch all of my four paws in the air and cuddle myself up in a ball, waiting for my master to refill the food bowl. He should only serve me the very fine and expensive, branded cat food and never those cheap...

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