life cycle

life cycle

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Women and Men and the Family Life Cycle

Differences of Men and Women in the Changing Life Cycle

Is the key time in young woman’s life. In some cases women at this stage become specifically inducted into the role of sex object and when instead, they need to be encouraged to form her own identity and life.
Adolescents is the stage where they may experience on his on way to becoming a young man. They also start to feel attraction to teenage girls around his age but is uncertain and awkward in expressing himself.
Role in the family
Women after marriage women continue her artwork on the side and through cooking, sewing, gardening, and decorating at home. They also are always involved a weaving together of many strand attending to multiple tasks, sounds, and images at once.
The crucial role men play in families, and for the well-being of children, women, and themselves in their role as parents and contributors.
Evolving role within marriage in the last 30 years
Their role being defined by their position in someone else’s life cycle; wife, daughter, mother, sister, grandmother.
men’s concerns at this time include responsibility, commitment, direction, identity, intimacy, and loss.
Motherhood or fatherhood
Mother s are particularly vulnerable to blame and guilt because of societal expectations that they bear primary responsibility for the care and well- being of homes, husbands, children, and aging parents.
His role of parenting and a guiding his children is transformed into one where there is a letting go. Father become more involve and assumed more responsibility.
Opportunities impacted by gender
Education is the key to liberation. Their more women than men enrolled in college since 1979.
The opportunities for men could be the same as women now. Education would be the key to open more doors and opportunities.

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