Life Experiences

Life Experiences

Real-Life Experience 1

Shannon Anders

COM 200

Real-Life Experience

Anne Schneeberger

April 16, 2008

Real-Life Experience 2

First I will tell you about my real – life experiences. I will talk about information that I

have obtained from this class and how it is going to help me improve myself as a person.

However, I will also demonstrate and give examples of self-concept, verbal

communication, nonverbal communication, commitment and conflict resolution.

Self concept has always been the most challenging for me to accept. Sometimes learning

about your identity is hard to determine how exactly you feel about yourself as a person.

It takes so much time and effort to really learn exactly the importance of how you truly

see yourself. I have always been a very determined hard working person; I spend all my

time focusing on kids, work and house hold chores that one can lose the real importance

of ones self concept. Therefore, I know as a person that my self concept comes from

heritage, it was a result of my mother. I have watched her growing up on her way of how

she sees the world and I admired her for all she accomplished in her life. I can only hope

that the one thing that I can leave behind for my family is self concept.

Next I will write and talk about my verbal communication and nonverbal

communication skills. At work conversations can start up over the smallest or the largest

topics. For example; this girl is hospitalized for a severe infection in the brain and her

family is extremely concerned about her well being. They start asking questions on what

are her chances for survival and what can they do to help the situation out. Now as a

parent myself, I would only love to be honest with the family and tell them as much

Real-Life Experience 3

information as possible. But because I am also a professional, the best I can do is console

the family and listen to their...

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