Life Is Like a River

Life Is Like a River

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Life is like a river. It is all right if it continues to flow but if the flow stops, the water will stagnate and become unfit for consumption. The point is that human beings should always move with the time. If life comes to a halt it deviates from the right track. A derailed life is a haven for all that is pungent. If we don’t have aim in life then we are like the Deer who is running all around but does not know that the fragrance is present in his navel itself.

Aim is the most important thing in life. . Everyone should have a purposeful aim in life. Very often people attach aim of their life with food, cloth and shelter. According to them their aim is to earn more and more money, have beautiful house, have beautiful clothes and enjoy all comforts of life. In short their thinking has become materialistic. Students often relate their aim with the profession they would opt for. For some, to become a doctor, a teacher, a soldier is their aim of life. Some simply relate it with being rich in life.

Basically aim is larger than life. It is not necessary that we achieve it in our lifetime. Yet we cannot say that we have failed. The aim continues to tread the predetermined path even after the life ends. The aim of Bhagat Puran Singh Ji’s life was to help the cripples and homeless, it is still being fulfilled after his death by those who are influenced by his thoughts. They are working day and night to get his aim fulfilled.

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