Life, Love, Laughter

Life, Love, Laughter

Love, Life and Family
Amanda Schultz
William Ross, Judith Zehner
May 10, 2010

Life, Love, Laughter 1
Life, Love, Laughter

Life began on July 25th, 1980 in a little town called Bremen, IL. I was born to Chris and Karen Hawkins. We resided in a quaint little Amish town called Nappanee, IN. Where everyone knew everyone and everybody was your neighbor and a friend. And who knew five years later where our lives would lead us too. Much heartache, laughter and our unconditional love for each other is what carried us through.
Sibling were no shortage at our house I have one oldest sister that is three years older than me and two younger sisters that are two and four years younger than me. My parents divorced when I was five and I was raised by my Father for seven years until he remarried a wonderful women that I now call my Mom.
Childhood memories were not always happy and I can say I remember more bad than good childhood memories my mother left when I was five and my youngest sister was not quite a year old yet. My Father was left to raise four girl by himself on a one income job. We went many days throughout the seven years without electricity or water. We always had food but it was scarce at every meal. I used to listen to my Dad cry himself to sleep at night as he prayed. My oldest sister and I used to cry because our hearts ached for him. We would pray and cry ourselves to sleep. As consequences of adolescents suffering from altered family structure, patterns and routines some adolescents acquire certain strengths, notability a sense of
Life, Love, Laughter 2

competence ( Demo and Acock. 1988) Our Father never let us know how unfortunate we were. He always invented things for us to do that was free entertainment. From bike rides to park adventures and “forts” made from bed sheets in the living room. We were blessed...

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