Life Skills

Life Skills

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Imagine not being able to move
In the same spot, In the same groove Not knowing when you'll be free Your heart is searching for a moment of glee That's Child Labor

Imagine not being able to eat 3 meals a day You never get a chance to play The money you make is less then a dollar Like you're hooked by a collar That's Child Labor

You feel like your life is over
Like you will never find your 4-leaf clover There's nothing for you to remember But your work as a Child Laborer That's Child Labor

Social activists are going hoarse,
and forcing people to take off goods from stores Made by child labor

Has any body found answers?
Have you found a sponsor?
To help the poor who lives below poverty line, crying foul is all very fine,

Who will provide them necessities?
So they can live in dignity,
Find a decent vocation,
Food, shelter, clothing and education.

It’s easy to cry foul,
and from rooftops howl
It’s against human rights,
Without a clue about their plight.

It’s a fundamental right,
though that has been an oversight.
Ban child labor has become fashionable Making the employers accountable Yes we should check the exploitation, But what to do till we find a practical clarification?

We can start activist programs in our country so we can help those in need the ones who more necessities than we

We can also stop buying things such as soccer balls made in Pakistan, shirts made in Guatemala, flowers picked in Colombia, carpets made in Nepal, Gem stones polished in Thailand, toys assembled in China, and shoes sewn in Indonesia.

There are many things we can do to stop child labor so many possibilities.

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