Life Span Adolph Hitler

Life Span Adolph Hitler

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Developmental Life Span And Personality Adolph Hitler
Carmine J. Palazzolo
University Of Phoenix

Description: The Abnormal Personality Development And Life Span Of Adolph Hitler
Covering his childhood and environmental climate and upbringing to his demise and Death.

Adolph Hitler suffered psychological distress partly brought on by an unhappy childhood. His father was a domineering and cruel man, and his mother was an over indulgent mother. Hitler regarded woman for man's downfall and he condemned them for their disloyalty. This attitude is probably the outcome of his early experiences with his mother who seduced him into a love relationship. Then Hitler felt as though his mother betrayed him by giving herself to his father. Because Hitler felt betrayed from his mother, he never gave himself into the hands of a woman again with the exception of his niece; this relationship also ended in disaster. (Langer, n.d.).

Hitler attended school between the years of 1896 and 1898. At first he was a good student. In 1898 he went to primary school and in 1900 to 1905 he went to secondary school. In secondary school he only completed three years; he had to repeat two of the years twice. He was then expelled and he eventually dropped out of school altogether at the age of 16, I think Hitler did so poorly in school because of his family life. He was a confused child and did not know whether to love his mother or be in love with his mother. (Stokes, 2004).

The outcome of these early experiences probably left him feeling very much alone in a hostile world. Hitler hated his father for the beatings that he used to endure as a child; because of his confusion with his mother he distrusted her and probably thought of himself to be a week man. When his father and mother both passed away Hitler was left with no relatives willing or able to care for him at the age of 19 . (Stokes, 2004).

When Hitler dropped out of...

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