Life & Theater

Life & Theater

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If you look closely to our life you will find out,
That it looks like a huge theater that contains many actors...
That they have to wear a certain masks to perfects their role or their part of the play…
And when they are done with it they have to drop the mask and wear something ales…
so that’s life, it is filled with this kinds of people who are used to wear more than one mask in their daily basis, so they can perfect their role as they thinks , but they do not know that by doing it they are hurting other people's felling even their closest friends
but if we want to have a Simi perfect life or close to perfection we have to stick with one mask at least and never change it or drop it, because it is the identify our character ourselves , and our identity.
At the end the only thing I could say is that if someone wants u to change who you are or what you are just to please him/her, DON’T DO IT, because you will find out that he/she is playing with you and wants you to wear more than one mask (identity) just to be like her/him and to please him/her, and that he will not be a lone in the life who can change people as he/she pleased.

My best love to all the people,,,,,, I wish that non of you wants to have more than one mask

If we look closely to our life, we will find that it looks like a huge theater that contains many actors. This theatre plays our old time favorite show which we call “life”; the nature of the play is that it enforces its actors to wear certain masks to perfect their roles in the play. Like every other play, when actors are done “acting”, the masks are taken off for other different masks to be worn instead.
This show we call “life” is filled with different types of people who are used to wear more than one mask during their “life” time.
This certain act we could call it "freedom" as many people misinterpreted, they think that if you are free you could do what ever you wanted no matter who you are or where you are that’s why...

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