It all happened back in 2012; it was fast and unexpected. There was no time to pause and figure out the things happening around me and I merely followed with the flow unwillingly. I lost both my parents within a month of gap in between. I was twenty at that time, and yes I was big enough to understand all those things that happened, but I somehow refused to accept the fact that I lost both of them. The biggest shock for me after losing my parents were from my relatives whom I adored for years. I really could not accept that they would betray me at some point in my life.

There were only three people in my family as I was the only child; we were not exactly the ideal happy family that you get to see in movies but we somehow managed to enjoy our lives together. Now, when I look back at those days, I realized that it was not that bad at all. I somehow managed to understand why my father was hostile towards many people in his life, particularly my mother’s family. Yes, now I can grasp all the bits and pieces that he used to tell me about them; I just wished that I had listened to him, maybe then I would not feel betrayed by their actions.

My father was an alcoholic, so I really hated him for that, and my mother was the quite type. Sometimes, they would fight with each other; trust me, their fight can really get ugly but as they aged and as I grew up too, their fight was not that bad anymore. However, my father continued drinking; although he managed to kick off his smoking addiction, alcohol was the one thing he could not stop. Due to this problem, my neighbors grew hostile towards my family and they even made it a big issue by calling the police over to my house. But, the problem was not that serious until police had to be called; they were just waiting for the right time to kick us out from that place. Well, they succeeded because after that episode we moved to another house, just a bit further from our old place.

The new house was right next...

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