Lifespan Psychology Case Study #8

Lifespan Psychology Case Study #8

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Case Study #8

Kathy is facing a problem which is very common for her generation. Providing

care for her father has become necessary, which presents some issues Kathy and her

husband will want to think about and plan for ahead of time. While her father can still

tend to his personal needs, like dressing and toileting, he can no longer prepare his

meals or keep up with the usual housekeeping chores. Kathy and her husband are

both busy, Mark works full time and is gone from 7:00am to about 5:30pm each day of

the work week. Kathy has a blog which became successful after her daughter was born

two years ago. She is able to stay home and not have to pay for child care, while she

makes less money than she did working her finances about breaks even with having

less expenses.

The most important issue for Kathy and Mark to anticipate and plan for the major

change coming into their lives’. “Stresses in adulthood can become stressors, and

every change has the potential to be a stressor” (pg.627, para 3). They need to

recognize while this change will be good for her father, it will bring additional stress and

issues to work on as a family. If Kathy has any siblings, ill feelings towards them may

be anticipated as she takes on the majority of care for her father. “Although siblings

usually become closer in adulthood, a caregiving burden can disrupt that” (pg. 624, para

4). She may feel she has to do more than everyone else, causing resentment towards

others. She should also be away husbands and wives can become resentful too. If the

care for his wife elderly relative is not what Mark anticipated, it may cause issues in

their relationship.

As I addressed slightly, having Kathy’s father live with them may impact Kathy’s

well-being and her relationship with Mark. While there may be resentment in their

relationship, there is also reward from caring for another person. “A mature adult...

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