Lighting and gear comparison

Lighting and gear comparison

Camerawork & Lighting
Assignment 1: Equipment Comparison


In First year we were given the red head kit, we were taught how to do the basic 3 point lighting in order to fill our characters face and make sure the shadows are well hidden. It did do a decent job as far as we were concerned and were happy with it. When second year came along we got access to a lot more lights. This allowed us to create more brighter and stylistic lighting set ups for scenes and shots which made it really beautiful. Used a lot of the bigger lights to give it the look of there being a sunset or to just fill a wide area and this gave us the opportunity to light that background as well and put emphasis on different objects and elements in the room. This also gives us access to play a lot with colour temperature and use more of the gels to light our scene. We also got to use flags and bounce boards this year for our outdoor lighting which work really well and we also don’t always need to slug a generator around.
Misc Equipment
This year we do have access to a better dolly which is the squirrel dolly; with its tracks it does create smoother movement if it is balanced out right. The equipment does make our work look a lot better this year but at the same time it also does take a lot of work. It is a great improvement to last year’s doom dolly. We also have access to the green screen which we can move around to certain places in our film which I think most people will be doing a lot of this year.

This year we have access to the Panasonic AF-101E which is not great is still an amazing improvement to the pan DVX of last year. This year we can do a lot more colour grading and all sorts of things like that. The new F5’s that we are going to be using are going to be even greater. The camera’s we are now using can shoot in a much higher resolution and in a higher frame rate. These camera’s enable amazing slow motion shots which don’t look jumpy or blurry....

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