lil red ridifng

lil red ridifng

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Name:________________________ Class/Sec ______________________
Analyzing/Predicting Test Results for TEST _____

1. Did you read all the chapters (___) before the test?
Yes, I read all the chapters before the test.

2. How much time did you spend studying?
I spent about 30 min each day up until the day of the test.

Was this time enough?

I think this was enough time.

Was this time massed or distributed?

I distributed the time throughout the week.

3. What types of questions do you feel you missed most?

I think a may have missed a question about the different study types.

Which type questions seemed more difficult for you ?

None of the questions were difficult.

4. How did you organize yourself for review? Be specific. What study tools did
you use?

As a form of studying, I was the study guide to help me study and pick out important information within the chapters.

4. What, if anything, will you change when preparing for the next test?
I don’t think I will change my method of studying. I feel that it was a productive way of studying.

6. Do you think the test was “fair” –what you expected – what was covered in class?

Yes, I think the test was fair. Information covered in class was on the test.

8. Do you think you “held the test” long enough to get the grade you really wanted?
Im not sure what you mean “held the test”

Predict number grade, not letter grade

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