Linda Norgrove

Linda Norgrove

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Assessment Objective 1.2

Explain a current affairs issue by using spirituality, theology and ethics.

Linda Norgrove was a 36 year-old British aid worker, who was held hostage after being kidnapped in Afghanistan. Linda went to Afghanistan in order to help aid the people there by putting her faith into action. She was said to have “embraced the people and the wildness of Afghanistan”. The US Special Forces came to rescue Linda to give her back her human rights; unfortunately Linda was killed when US troops lobbed a shrapnel grenade into the mud hut where she was being held captive. Caring aid worker Linda tragically lost her life that day and family and friends could not quite believe it, especially as they were told that Linda was killed by friendly fire which was said to of been covering up the truth. Linda’s former head teacher expressed her sadness “It’s absolutely shocking news and this makes it a lot harder to comprehend, especially for the parents”. Parents of Linda feel extremely upset that their daughter has been taken from them so soon but feel it was brave of the Special Forces to admit their mistake. Also that there is nothing they can do other than appreciate her work and lives she saved.

JIHAD, meaning the holy war is what the Muslim fundamentalists believe in because they want to spread their Muslim faith throughout the western world. They believe they can use whatever means possible and they take hostages such as Linda Norgrove to demand to have their own people released from prison. Linda Norgrove was a victim caught up in their extreme methods where they don’t abide by laws.

This issue can bring up different questions that involve ethics. This can include that it was right for the US Special Forces to go in to try to rescue Linda; however some people may argue that by doing this Linda’s life has now been lost. The US special forces were brave to admit their mistake, in trying to save Linda but when they through the grenade they...

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