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A teenager named Len is 16 years old and she is a 4th year high school in Olivarez

school. She is very conscious with her lips and because of that she always brings lip balm

wherever she go. And she has a favorite lip balm and she called it Spearmint Lip Balm it is a

luscious balm, made with natural plant oils, has scented oils and it is a sunscreen.

She lost her favorite lip balm in her school while she is walking and she notice when

she will use it. She is worrying about her favorite lip balm so she ask each of the students there

and describe her lip balm how it looks like.

The typical tube of lip balm is made solely out of plastic. A tube of lip balm is made up

three basic parts. There is the cap, the main body, and the base adjustment knob. Every parts is

unique and this is a special lip balm.

The cap on a tube of lip balm protects the lip balm that is inside the tube from getting

dirty. The cap also keeps the lip balm from getting all over everything that it touches. Lip

balm can leave a gooey mess if it gets on cloths or furniture. The cap simply snaps on and off

of the tube of lip balm and can be easily lost.

The main body is a simple cylindrical tube that holds the semi-solid lib balm. It is

approximately 1 ½ inches in length and ½ inch in diameter. This small size makes it easy for

anyone to hold on to it. This part of the tube usually has a plastic label around it listing the

drug facts of the lip balm and displaying the brand name and name of the product. The label

also lists the uses, any warnings, and directions for use. It also has a barcode on it with a

product number.

On the bottom of the base adjustment knob the expiration date is listed. Usually the

expiration date is a couple of years from the time of purchase. The adjustment knob rotates in

both directions. As the knob is turned one direction...