List of Transparencies

List of Transparencies

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FIN 3310
Major Transparencies
to Accompany RWJ5

Unless otherwise indicated, transparencies may be accessed from Blackboard/Course Information. In some cases, transparencies will be handed out in class; these are identified below as (handout). Also, multi-page transparencies are identified with the number of pages in parentheses.

Chapter 1—Introduction to Financial Management

1.1 Objective of the Financial Manager

1.2 Corporate Form and Shareholder Value
1.3 Financial Market System (handout)

Chapter 2—Financial Statements, Taxes, and Cash Flow

2.1 Tax Deductibility EXAMPLE
2.2 Depreciation and Operating Cash Flow
2.3 Net Working Capital and Cash Flow EXAMPLE

Chapter 3—Working with Financial Statements

3.1 Prufrock Corp. 2006 Statement of Cash Flows
3.2 Derivation of Statement of Cash Flows
3.3 External Financing Needed (EFN) EXAMPLE (4 pages)

Chapter 13—Leverage and Capital Structure

13.1 Risk Faced by Stockholders
13.2 Operating Leverage and Risk Graph (handout)
13.3 Operating Leverage EXAMPLE (2 pages)
13.4 Derivations of DOL, DFL, DCL
13.5 Operating Leverage versus Financial Leverage
13.6 Financial Leverage EXAMPLE (2 pages)
13.7 Financial Leverage Graph (handout)
13.8 Combined Leverage EXAMPLE

Chapter 4—Introduction to Valuation: The Time Value of Money

4.1 PV of $1,000 in 3 Years

4.2 PV of $1 for Different time Periods and Rates (handout)

Chapter 5—Discounted Cash Flow Valuation

5.1 Derivation of FVANt

5.2 Derivation of PVAN0

5.3 PVAN0 of 5-Year Annuity of $1,000

5.4 Outstanding Loan Balance on the Amortization Schedule

Chapter 6—Interest Rates and Bond Valuation
6.1 Types of Long-Term Debt
6.2 Required Rate, Coupon Rate, and Intrinsic Value
6.3 Yield to Maturity (2 pages)

Chapter 7—Equity Markets and Stock Valuation

7.1 Differences...

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