Literary Analysis Guideline

Literary Analysis Guideline

Literary Analysis Paper
General Requirement : A literary analysis paper based on one of the sonnets written by Shakespeare (Sonnet 18, 55 or 116)
Deadline is October 18, 2013 (Friday next week) 4 pm (hard copy)
Format : Century Gothic 12 double space, full block (double justified) Between 5-7 pages
exclusive of Works Cited List
Must include sub-headings and two citations from sources (follow MLA citation)
STEPS: (all the following documents are graded quizzes/alternative assessments for Compo)
1) Thesis Statement and outline (due on Thursday, October 10) – typewritten Century Gothic 12
The outline must contain at least three main headings with a sub-heading in each section.
2) Work Cited List – (due on Monday, October 14 ) follow the MLA format. See the OWL Purdue website on how to do bibliographic entries for this paper. Minimum requirement – at least three (3) print sources and 3 electronic (online) sources. Follow appropriate MLA guidelines.
3) Complete Paper (with attached Works Cited List also) – due on Friday, October 18 at 4 pm. The one submitted should be a hard copy.

A THESIS STATEMENT must make an assertion about ideas/ several ideas. For this paper’s requirement it must be related to contemporary or relevant themes.
IN OTHER WORDS, you cannot simply choose a theme. You must make an assertion about it as it relates to other ideas, or themes.
You might join concepts like
FORGIVENESS and LOVE in the sonnets
PHYSICAL ATTRACTION as a purely Shakespearian idea of romantic love
The LIMITATIONS of a Shakespearian concept of INTIMACY
COMMITMENT as a Shakespearian theme in Sonnet 55
Example of an acceptable thesis statement:
The Shakespearian conception of love, as expounded in Sonnet 116, is a reiteration of Plato’s idea of a rational form of love.

Eugene Salazar October 10, 2013
Literary Analysis Paper Year Four A

Thesis Statement :

The Shakespearian...

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