Literature Review: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Literature Review: Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet was written by William Shakespeare at around 1591-1596. It was set in Italy, in Verona at around 1200-1300. It is a tragic play in which Romeo and Juliet came from different families that had been fighting for years. They end up falling in love despite the fights between their families. Because of their feuding families it was for them to meet. They end up killing themselves. Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy because the beginning scenes are very romantic, then they suddenly turn sad and violent, all because some letters go missing. If the letters from the Friar had reached Romeo, then neither Romeo or Juliet would have committed suicide. However if it wasn’t for Act 3 Scene 1, and the events that happen in this scene and Romeo’s banishment, there would have been no letters to go missing in the play.

Shakespeare uses number of techniques in his plays, Foreshadowing is a device he uses, this hints to the audience that the events in the play will bring disaster, Anthony device Shakespeare uses involves the weather reflecting the mood of the characters, this is called Pathetic Fallay. Shakespeare even uses his characters to build up tension. This device is characterisation which Shakespeare uses Mercutio's unpredictable behaviour to build up tension as nobody knows what he will do. Shakespeare uses this particularly in Act 3 scene 1 where Mercutio talks a lot about fighting.

Shakespeare uses a range of dramatic devices to make it such an interesting and important scene. One device Shakespeare uses is dramatic irony; this is where the audience knows something which has happened in the story which the other actors do not know. An example of this is when Tybalt wants to fight Romeo but he refuses to fight, this is because he married Juliet and he is related to Tybalt now, but the other characters do not know this and are wondering why he will not fight. Another device is foreshadowing ' mad blood stirring ' is an example of this. This shows to the...

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