Literature Review

Literature Review

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Communication is the passing on of ideas and information. In business we need good, clear communication. The contact may be between people, organisations or places and can be in a number of forms such as speech, writing, actions and gestures. Organisations need to be structured in such a way as to maximise the benefits of communication processes. (Definition found at

(Definition of Topic)

A Manager can significantly impact workforce development and employee performance. Whether the impact is positive or negative, is often the direct result of communication management and their understanding of each others work habits and style.

Managers who are out of touch with their employees often cause low productivity, dwindling morale and high employee turnover. On the other hand, employees who feel a connection to their manager are often highly productive and engaged in their work. Having a greater understanding of the dynamics of their work relationship will help both parties appreciate where their perspectives are similar and where they differ. This mutual understanding will result in a more productive and positive working relationship.

Open communication helps managers and staff be more effective and productive. It will drive the overall performance of the organization by coaching employees into developing the skills they need to be better at what they do. Effective communication with each employee increases moral and productivity.

Managers must also learn how to handle Manager/Employee conflicts to prevent unnecessary low productivity. As well as motivating employees to do what is needed and to do their best.

Motivation and open communication go hand in hand to achieve great productivity from employees.

Good communication is an important person to person skill in an organisation. Employees are most...

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