Little Secret

Little Secret

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By late, a friend wrote her usual ramblings in her blog and. . . I sort oof agree with her. Sometimes you no longer want to reconnect with certain people no matter how close nor how pleasant it was between you and the said person.

It took me a while to further digest her words- as sharp as swords yet as humble an 18 year old would be. To reconcile with such thoughts brought about the feeling of regret and sorrow.

It wasn't long when I finally decided to let things be the way she wanted it to be and I must say, the way almost everyone wants it to be. At times, unwanted and unneeded - I might add- connection would certainly disgust you in ways that you don't even want to have anything to do with that person any longer (and yes, even in dreams).

Yeah, it was bitter. A pill you can no longer bear. In the end, you decided to give up. Which is exactly how I've been these past few weeks.

I'm in denial. I don't exactly see myself as a negative person. Neither do I see myself as a boring one. It's not that hard to bore people, so I've spent a majority of my time shutting up. Hehe.

The joyous Eid is near and as I went through my first 3 days of Ramadhan, I've come to realize that there is no limit to the world of faultiness. The 3 days have passed with ease, no doubt. And I'm feeling skinnier already (not that I am)! Haha!

In reference to a friends blog, the part where in Ramadhan God chains Satan and his minions to the floors of hell where they stay immobile there for the whole month leaving them no room to try and dissuade us in their attempts to deviate us from God himself. To that, I agree that we are our very own devils. Our thoughts were the killing sprouts in our minds that whispers evil every now and then. I've done foolish things before this. Stuffs that I shouldn't have even thought of. But.. Oh, what the hell. Let bygones be themselves.

Fortunately, though, I feel that even though we are the mirrors of our own devil self reflecting our...

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