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America State Park

By: Tristan Bond

English settlement in the New World

In 1588, England defeated the Spanish armada. Then, they gained control of the seas. England had a lot of interest in the New World. They believed that there were large amounts of gold and silver in the New World. They thought that the country that claimed the land would become the most powerful.


In this section of the park is a small scale Jamestown. Jamestown is located in Virginia. Jamestown is named for King James the first. The first new settlers that survived the transition over to the new world had come too late to grow crops in Jamestown. Jamestown was located by a swamp and that effected its growing seasons as well.
Columbus’ Trail

You may have heard the saying, “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” Well, this boat ride teaches you about Columbus’ trip to the New World. It tells about his original purpose of finding India. He called the people of the New World Indian because of his mistake. Columbus was not from England, he was from Spain and Paid to find new trade routes to India.

Columbus’ Purpose

Columbus first went searching for a new all water route to India. He did not find an all water route to India. Instead, he found the New World. There he and his crew met the Native Americans that they called Indians because he did not plan on landing in the New World. Columbus’ new purpose was to claim new land and getting new materials for England like gold, lumber and some other raw materials that England can finish and export from their country.

St. Augustine

This section of the park is all about St. Augustine in the 1560’s. In 1565, Spain sent Captain General Pedro Menendez to start a colony in St. Augustine, Florida. Spaniards eventually moved up the coast to St. Catherine’s and Cumberland Island.

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