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Creative writing

Stealthily we tip-toed down the narrow winding staircase. The haunting silence of the castle sent cold shivers down my spine. Just as we were about to return Caroline cried out, “look! A rusty door”. I was not about to walk inside but Caroline begged me. I knew we were in danger even being down here, I was afraid that at any moment a random person would jump out, kidnap us, torture us and demand a ransom from our families. I walked inside and then, I saw it......

It was as hairy as a baboon, as dirty as a troll, as scary as a zombie and as sickening as the smell of a raccoon’s bottom. What was this horrible creature? I wasn’t about to stay to found out, i tried to storm out but Caroline grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back. I was ready to scream when it spoke “I don’t want to hurt you just help me, please I’ve been down here for days without food and water ,spare me a snack” . it could talk I was shocked. “What are you?,” I asked standing 10 feet away to spare myself of a terrible stench. Then it spoke again “please, get me some food and water”

“tell me what you are” I said

“its obviously a monster” said Caroline confidently

“I’m not a monster, I’m a Besdi and my name is klaxon” said klaxon

I didn’t know what to do just then so i just went up stairs and crept a couple of snacks and a bottle of Caribbean cola KA out of my mum’s kitchen up stairs, above the pub. I then crept back down to the cellar. I was expecting him to savour it after I had gone through all the trouble, after all if mum had caught me, I would have been mashed potatoes. The greedy Besdi down gulped all the KA in one go and crunched up all the snacks in 1 bite. Klaxon, who was now full of food, needed some fresh air. We decided to take him outside. He was filthy, I wouldn’t even help him get up. He noisily crept up the narrow staircase and left staining muddy foot prints on the carpet. I knew my mum was going to go mental when she found out so I tried to...