Lockes and Hobbes

Lockes and Hobbes

1. What is the state of nature for Locke? What are the inalienable rights?
 The state of nature of Locke is where we are all bestowed with certain God-given natural rights.

2. For Locke what is the central role in government?
government's job is to make this property more, not less, secure.

3. What is the state of nature for Hobbes?
Hobbes’s case for the state rests on how lousy life is outside of it. That’s what the “state of mere nature” is: life without a state. Why did he think that there would be conflict?

4. For Hobbes, there is no morality in the state on nature? When is there morality, and what does it consist of?
morality consists in the whole set of rules that facilitate social living

1. Who hears the tree if no one is there to hear it fall? No one

2. Berkely has an agenda...what is it? It is a religious agenda, opposing atheist and freethinkers.

3. How might you argue against B?....He is clever ...so don't fall for some kind of common sense argument like..running into a brick wall and "feeling" it...that is not sufficient.

Berkely’s argument for immaterialism is invalid. He believes that the objects we come into counter with in our lives are merely perceived. Something that we can make from our own mind, how then can we think of objects we have never delt with or come into contact with? If we have no perceived them according to Berkley they do not exist. Also you physically hold matter you can not create matter nor destroy it. So you say you burn something you think its destroyed its not its fumes in the air. Leaving us surrounded by matter.

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