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A.J’s Love Life

A.J. was your casual typical teenage kid with ambitions and just wanting to enjoy his high school life. He and his friends were not really the highest on the social ladder but they were known in the school as decent guys. A.J. had the biggest love interest on this girl named Harriet. She was everything he wanted in a girl: Intelligent, good sense of humor, and very confident in herself. A.J was kind of a wimp when trying to talk to her, he usually pretty comfy with anyone else but when it comes to Harriet, he’s a total choke up, and he’ll stutter and not really know how to continue the conversation. Every time that happens he’s always so bummed that he ruined every chance with her but that doesn’t bring him down.

A few days after the little incident with Josie, A.J. was at this diner near his house and was just with his friends eating and then a waiter dropped a piece of paper on his lap while she was passing by. The paper had her number and so A.J. said “who’s this?” One of his friend’s Lawrence said “why don’t you call the number? Who knows, the girl could be cool.” So later on that night A.J. called the number and the girl who picked up was some girl who lived near A.J. her name was Stephanie. Stephanie and A.J. talked on the phone for almost 2 hours till they fell asleep, it was then that Stephanie had a bit of feelings for A.J.

The next day, A.J. was walking the halls to the class and ran into Lawrence. He invited A.J. to a party that was happening at his house this weekend and he said that Josie was going. Once A.J. heard that he was a definite yes to go. Later on that day he ran into Josie asking if she was going to go, and she said yes. He asked if he could bring her, but sadly she rejected saying that one of her best friends were going to give her a ride. A.J. wasn’t that bummed he was just excited that she was going. He was planning on how he was going to make his move on to Josie that night.