Longer Than Yesterday

Longer Than Yesterday

Longer Than Yesterday (PSY 202)

This is my life? This is it? Are you for real? This cannot be all there is, can it? There has got to be more to it. I could have sworn that there would be at least a few glorious battles of tasty wit, and maybe even a couple of valiant congratulations. I was even hoping for a small onslaught of ominous accolades followed by thunderous applause. But this, this thing here, I certainly did not order this. And, looking at what I just ate for the past thirty-four years, I am definitely refusing to pay the bill.

This is how I felt when I looked back on my life of yesterday. I felt like it was one big, massive mountain of disappointments surrounded by a few anthills of accomplishments and achievements. A series of events that did not quite measure up to what I thought my life would be like when I was younger. I knew that there was something better out there for me than what I had already had, but I was simply not sure what it was. Yet there is one thing I do know, this is not exactly where I thought I would be when I was seven.

When I was seven I remember wanting to do a lot of things – become a chemist, make movies, be an author, be a mechanic, or just be the guy that read things all day and got paid for it. That is something I would have really enjoyed given my love for reading. The problem, for most people that is, was that I did not just want to do one of them; I wanted to do all of them at the same time. I knew early on that doing something different throughout my life would keep my mind sharp and would provide me with new and interesting things to learn and do. And, although my family was very supportive early on in my ever-changing endeavors, they quickly got tired of me switching from one thing to the other. They knew I was smart, but they were not sure if I would find that singular thing that would lead me clear into the future. But I could see everything clearly, and it seemed that only my childhood friends at the time...

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