Look 4 a Job

Look 4 a Job

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Hostility job
Hi, it's Rita.
I really like the job you are supplying.
Now, I’m working in a food court in Melbourne central, but I don't like it that much. Because the boss doesn't give me a fixed work timetable and I work only 10 hours a week. I hope to work 20 hours a week.
And I learn fast and I can provide high quality service to customers.
The attachment is my resume. Please take a look.
Thanks a lot.
Wish U everything goes well.

Yours sincerely, Rita
Volunteer job
As an international student, I understand exactly how difficult life is without other’s help.
I still remembered when I fist came here and live in sunshine, I got on a wrong bus and lost my way. What’s worse, I had not got a mobile phone or some changes in my pocket. It was winter and it was dark , I was really frightened , thanks to a kindhearted older sister , I got home safely. I really know how important to help others when they need help.

All job
Hi. I'm Rita and I'm interested in your job.
To be frankly, I want to make money to raise myself and decrease my parents' financial pressure on my tuition fee.
And I want to try something different to gain my working experience.
Definitely, I still have a long way to do to make it. But I will have a try and do my best to achieve it.
Without any doubt, I have many things to learn.
I do hope you can give me a chance, a girl, who is willing and ready to learn.

Anyway, please take a look at my resume.
Thanks a lot.
Wish you all the best.

I do want to be a volunteer to help others, and to some degree, it is helping me. As I want to get access to Melbourne’s culture and lifestyle.

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