Looking for Alibrandi

Looking for Alibrandi

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Joseph Hunt 10H
Year 10 Essay Writing Task
“There are always risks involved with discovery”
Adolescence is one of the greatest periods of discovery in our lives. Discovery may lead to taking risks as we learn something new. In “Looking for Alibrandi” by Melina Marchetta the main character, Josephine makes numerous discoveries during her final year of school. She learns about her family background, develops the strength to deal with difficulties in her life and makes decisions about her future, similarly the “The Tomorrow” series deals with issues of adolescence. These texts explore how risks can lead to destructive behaviour or can create increased maturity.

The risk involved with Josephine finding out who her father was a bad risk as well as a good risk. An example of this is when Josephine is leaving the movies after her “date” Michael picks her up and they have dinner at a restaurant and talk about things, this was the first step of the good relationship that they develop. But before this, Josephine takes a very negative attitude towards her father before this outing and if it wasn’t for the risk that Michael took in picking her up the relationship would probably have been a bad one. Quote from Josephine: “Sometimes I think he is a myth. As far as the world is concerned, Michael Andretti was just the guy next door.” “I thought we’d put our Italian emotion into gear and scream the place down. I never expected indifference.” This discovery shows that there is risk involved with discovery, but proves that risks aren’t always bad. Also there is the discovery by Josephine in her finding out what Michael is really like.

In “Looking for Alibrandi” Josephine realises that she isn’t necessarily a victim. When Josephine and her friends wag their school walkathon their principal sees them on T.V and tells Josephine that she had actually been voted as school captain, but she made her vice-captain and put Ivy as captain because she could not trust Josephine and...

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