Looking for Resolution

Looking for Resolution

I am a Raleigh native born and raised. I spent my 12 years in the WCPSS. I was brought up to believe in the system and it wouldn’t let you down. I am writing this to let you know that Wake County Public Schools has let down my son. They have let me down. I went into this situation naïve that it you made a reasonable request that you would be heard. I was brought up that if someone asked you for a meeting to discuss something, you would call them back at your earliest convenience and set it up. I was brought up to believe that if you had a problem you talked it through until a resolution was good for both sides.

We are the parents of two children in the Wake County Public School System. I am lucky because both my children have excelled in their studies. My son has been an A/B Honor Student up until this year and has made threes and fours on his EOG’s since the 3rd grade. He is not a behavioral problem and he makes friends quite easily. This year he is an A/B student with the exception of math. He is struggling in math.

As early as September, I was trying to get a better understanding of why he is struggling so I started researching the problem. After talking to my son, talking to the school guidance counselor and talking to the teacher, it was obvious that my son and his teacher didn’t relate to one another. It wasn’t that our son didn’t know the subject matter, it was that he didn’t arrive at the answer the way his teacher wanted him too.

I scheduled a meeting with his teachers and quickly realized that not only did my son have a problem relating to his teacher, so did I. I have spent many days and hours at the school trying to come to a resolution. So far, the only success I have had is that his teacher is no longer allowed to talk to him unless he specifically asks a question.

On November 17, I called to speak to our area superintendent to set up a meeting. I was told that he set up his own meetings. When I ask to be...

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