lord of the flies

lord of the flies

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Term Paper
Creative writing in an EFL classroom using the film “Lord of the flies”written by Jay


1. Introduction
2. The search for the right movie
3. “Lord of the flies” - historical background and plot
4. Distinction between the novel (1956) and the film “Lord of the flies” (1990)

1. Introduction

The aim and concurrently the dream of every English teacher is to have planed an interesting and motivating lesson for all the students. To ensure that the students´ levels of motivation are high and functionally adequate, the choice of sources is mostly the corner stone for a successful teaching and learning lesson.
Over the past decades we could observe a shift from teaching with printed material to the use of higher and more sophisticated technology. Video tapes, audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray Discs, various internet platforms etc. enriched the market of medial propositions, which can lead to confusion while picking the allegedly right source for a lesson in school, but it also delivers a huge choice and, thus, a chance to create a highly interesting and motivating lesson for young learners. Sometimes one might become lost while struggling with the countless offers of media sources within the nowadays huge market. This is the main reason why English language teachers always have to keep searching for new alternatives.
As of this writing, numerous scholars and investigations have analyzed that students as well as teachers can benefit from the use of movies in EFL classroom and ,simultaneously, serve the standards of the curriculum. While the use of books, texts and other written materials, as well as CDs and other audio devices may become redundant and tiring for young students within a short time, movies seem to imply a higher trigger for students motivation. Researchers have found out that films in an EFL classroom confront language...

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