Lord of the flies

Lord of the flies

Ralph- Ralph is like the school president he is responsiable and smart. He symbolizes Hope and order he was the only one who believes that they will get off the island and see ther famlies.He's the first lost boy we meet, and he's definitely the best—after all, he's elected chief.

Jack- Jack is one of the people you would trust but not so much. He is a evil choir boy who is basicly a murderer. He symbolizes savagary. He could care less about rules and is a down right rude person. Pg37 "I thought I might kill." Chapter 3.

Simon- The first time we see Simon, he's fainting, and things go downhill from there. From passing out to throwing up to hallucinating to getting bloody noses. Simon was a hot mess.
He never showed any sign of weakness though. He symbolizes god. He looked like he walked on water when he was standing on a rock and was very wise. Pg 15 “You'll get back to where you came from.” Chapter 7.

Piggy- Piggy was a rather fat boy. He has "assmar" (asthma) and wore thick framed glasses. He symbolized knowlage. He respected rules and did not enjoy others being rude to him. “Ralph remember what we came for. The fire. My specs.” Pg159 Chapter 11.

Roger- Roger is totally that kid on the playground who used to torture ants with a magnifying glass. He is creepy and weird. He is a bully and destroys every thing like sand castles. Roger pushes a rock on piggy. Pg 180 Chapter11

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