lorna doone summary

lorna doone summary



The story begin when John Ridd was twelve years old in 1673. The son of a farmer in Exmoor, he was called to return home from school because his father got killed. Because of his father death he has responsibilities for his family, he works hard on the farm for his living and his family. One day he want to fishing in the river, but then he feel anxious about The Doones then he climb the waterfall into the valley near The Doones’s village unfortunately he felt and faint. And then he meet Lorna Doone and fall in love. But John keep it secret, their romance destined into tragedy.
One day John’s uncle Reuben Huckaback comes to visit John’s farm, uncle Reuben insist that John take him to a viewpoint where he can see into Doone valley, in order that he can take his revenge. In the valley he can see Lorna for a long time he can’t meet her, he never forget about her.
When Lorna’s grandfather Ensor Doone ill, the danger facing Lorna increase dramatically. Ensor plans to force Lorna marry with Carver as soon as Ensor dies. John takes Lorna out of Doone valley and bring her home.
However, John thinks that Lorna not one of The Doone, but daughter of Scottish King. The Doones kidnaped her when she was a little kid, and raised her as their own. One day Lorna being sent to London to live under guardianship. John fears that she will not love him anymore but Lorna promise and commited to John that will always loves him.
The Doones continue to attack the countryside, Johns leads local farmers in an assault on Doone valley. All the doones are killed.
Finally John and Lorna granted to be married. On their wedding day Carver comes and shoots Lorna, John rush after Carver they fight hand to hand. John wounded and Carver dies. Lorna dying, but by the time she gets better and they live happy ever after.

John Ridd : Strong, brave, curious, hard worker, and an honest farmer
Mrs. Ridd :...

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